Trackwise 10 Case study

– By DB Alliance


Upgrading a Pharmaceutical Company’s TrackWise System to Version 10 Challenge: A pharmaceutical company relied on an outdated TrackWise system (version 8.7.10) nearing the end of vendor support. This exposed them to potential security risks, compliance issues, and limited access to new functionalities. They sought a solution to upgrade to a more secure and supported version while migrating to a cloud infrastructure.


DB Alliance partnered with the client to execute a successful TrackWise upgrade to version 10. This involved: 

  1. Needs Assessment: We collaborated with the client to understand their specific requirements and goals for the upgrade. 
  2. Cloud Migration Strategy: DB Alliance designed a plan to migrate the TrackWise system to a secure and scalable Microsoft Azure cloud environment. 
  3. Deployment and Data Migration: Our team deployed new TrackWise instances for Sandbox, Development, Validation, and Production environments. We also meticulously migrated existing databases to ensure seamless data continuity. 
  4. Rigorous Testing: Prior to data migration, the project followed industry-standard methodologies for analysis and testing. 
  5. Vendor Collaboration: DB Alliance worked closely with the TrackWise vendor to overcome any challenges associated with installing the new version on the cloud platform. 


  1. Enhanced Security: The upgrade to TrackWise 10 provided the client with improved security features and ongoing vendor support, mitigating potential risks. 
  2. Access to New Functionality: The client gained access to the latest functionalities in TrackWise 10, allowing them to optimize workflows and improve overall efficiency. 
  3. Cloud Benefits: Migration to the cloud ensured scalability for future growth and offered advantages like enhanced security and disaster recovery capabilities. 
  4. DB Alliance has expertise in guiding clients through complex TrackWise migrations and cloud deployments. We ensure clients leverage the full potential of the latest TrackWise versions while achieving their specific business objectives. 

Seamless Migration Achieved: DB Alliance delivered a flawless TrackWise 10 upgrade, meeting all project deadlines, budget constraints, and quality standards. This involved: 

Deploying TrackWise 10 on Azure: Our team successfully installed TrackWise 10 instances across Sandbox, Development, Validation, and Production environments within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 

Meticulous Data Migration: We meticulously migrated all data and records to the new TrackWise 10 databases, ensuring complete data integrity and continuity throughout the process.