Trackwise 10 Case study

– By DB Alliance


The client is a pharmaceutical company who was using TrackWise version 8.7.10. and needed to update to mitigate risk, utilize new functionality and move to a Cloud infrastructure as underlying server infrastructure had reached End of Support.


With TrackWise version 8.7.10 being obsolete, our client needed to upgrade to a newer version to ensure continuing support from the application vendor and to mitigate against, compliance issues and security threats.

The company chose to upgrade to TrackWise version 10, which would allow for continued vendor support, to a more secure and robust Cloud Infrastructure.

This case study will focus on how DB Alliance worked with the client to successfully upgrade the client’s system to TrackWise 10.


The aim of this project was to successfully create a new TrackWise Platform for Sandbox, Development, Validation and Production environments in a Microsoft Azure cloud. The work involved installation of new applications instances and migration of the existing databases to preserve all Data. The Project followed standard project methodologies, including analysis and testing prior to data migration. In addition to the migration of the databases, a careful analysis of the process and the technical installations required was undertaken including IQ creation and execution.

As this was a new release version of TrackWise, our team faced a number of challenges on this installation including which were overcome through careful analysis, testing and configuration from the TrackWise vendor all of which allowed for a smooth installation of TrackWise 10.

The DB Alliance Team successfully installed TrackWise 10 on an Azure platform for Sandbox, Development, Validation and Production, environments and successfully migrated all data and records to the new TrackWise 10 databases in a project that was on time, to cost and quality.